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Scuffy / Jul 02, 2018

With the closure of Uldir upon us we are trying to fill some empty spots we have on out team. We are currently searching for HEALERS (Shaman or Priest) and rDPS. If you're interested in raiding, check out our About Us page and fill out our quick...

Scuffy / Apr 10, 2018

Easy Peasy has decided to stop raiding until next expansion. Thanks for all the memories in Legion! We're looking forward to more in BFA!

Koozy / Aug 07, 2017

Welcome guildies!! Our first Lottery drawing will be this coming Thursday 10 August right before raid at 6:45 pm server time. All tickets will cost 1K gold with the ability to purchase up to 5 tickets. In order to purchase tickets send the amou...

Scuffy / Aug 07, 2017

The new Easy Peasy website is up and running. Current Raiders: Please make sure to create an account for the website. If you know you're going to be missing a raid in advance, make sure to click on the event calendar and click that you are not at...